Building Process

A Simple Three-Step Process

We understand that building a new home can be a complex process, especially if you’re discussing your project with multiple contractors. That’s why we make the process easy for you. We break it down into three steps:

  • Get approved – First, your project must be approved. As long as you can ensure that you’ve got financing for your project, and the basic design of your home is suitable for your plot of land, we can guarantee that you are approved. We can even help you find a mortgage lender, if you do not already have pre-approval. This makes it easier for you to get approved, and begin the process of designing and building your dream home.
  • Design your home – This is one of the most important steps. Our builders and architects will work closely with you to design your home. If you have your own blueprints that you’ve commissioned, we can work from those – or we can create an all-new home plan, or offer you one of our pre-built house plans.Regardless of what you choose, this is when Prestige Home Builders truly shines. We take the time to work with you, and ensure that we’ve customized your home to your exact specifications. You’re building your own home for a reason – you have specific needs and desires. We pledge to always listen to these, and give you exactly what you ask for.
  • Build – After your designs are finalized, we’ll begin work on your home. We will keep you informed throughout every step of the process – from the day we first break ground and install your foundation, to putting up the exterior structure, to the hiring of subcontractors and electricians, and so on.We offer regular weekly status meetings with your project manager to ensure that progress is going according to plan. You can also contact your foreman or project manager at any time if you have questions about your home build.

We try to make things as simple as possible for our customers. It’s not your job to worry about the details – that’s our job! So we take care of the little things for you, and do our very best to build you the home of your dreams.