Pre-Builts Vs. Custom Builds

Why Build My Own Home?

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We’re glad you asked! There are many reasons that building your own home is a better idea than purchasing a pre-built home. Here are just a few of them.

● Adheres to modern efficiency standards – At Prestige Home Builders, we build modern and energy-efficient homes that are Energy Star Certified, and meet EPA standards for Air Plus and WaterSense certification.
That means you save money on your monthly utility bills and lighting – and you’ll get a home that’s more efficient, safe, and modern.
● You get exactly what you want – If you purchase an existing home, chances are that you’ll have to make some compromises. Maybe you’ll have to rip up some ugly carpet, redo a room with old wallpaper, or even overhaul the kitchen or living areas.
These costs add up – and renovation projects can be quite inconvenient. But with a custom-built home, you get exactly what you want – as soon as your home is built. No renovations or extra work (or expense) required!
● Fewer maintenance costs – Because you don’t have to worry about incorrectly-installed appliances or home systems, and your home is brand-new, you will have to do far less maintenance. In addition, most materials and appliances will be covered by a warranty for the first 10 years of your home – ensuring you don’t have to shell out for costly and expensive repairs.

At Prestige Home Builders, we’re proud to provide the best home building services in all of the Rio Grande Valley. And with our reasonable rates, veteran discounts & benefits, you can build the home that you’ve always wanted!

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